UPDATED: DDB Hong Kong is among the world’s smartest

Warc has released a ranking of the world’s smartest advertising agencies with DDB Group Hong Kong nabbing a spot in the top 10.

The ranking is based on each agency’s performance in all tracked effectiveness and strategy competitions. With two campaigns in Warc’s top 100 campaign’s ranking this year, the agency scored 71.3 points and the number 10 spot. ‘I’m amazing’ for McDonald’s is based around a competition encouraging creativity among Hong Kong children. The kids were encouraged to submit their own designs for a new McDonald’s outlet. The second campaign ‘Sharing the blessings’,  also from McDonald’s, saw the invention of the McGreeting for Chinese New Year. Over one million Hong Kong residents downloaded the campaign app in the first month.

Delighted with the news, DDB Group Hong Kong President and CEO Simone Tam expressed her thanks to everyone who has worked so passionately and hard to make this happen. “Special thanks and recognition must go to the McDonald’s team under the leadership of Peter and Jeffry,” she said.

DDB New Zealand also ranks among the top 20, taking the number 18 spot with 65.2 points and one campaign in the top 100. ‘Believe’ for Steinlager Classic leveraged New Zealand’s hosting of the Rugby World Cup by reintroducing the can design from 1987, the last time New Zealand won the cup.


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