Somersby joins hands with DDB Group Hong Kong to launch a new education campaign the Somersby way


Hong Kong’s number one cider, Somersby, has launched a viral campaign to raise awareness and educate Hong Kong young people aged 18 or above about their ciders. Though a popular drink, Somersby is not readily being understood as an apple fused alcoholic drink that gives rise to its unique refreshing taste.


The campaign developed by DDB Group Hong Kong reinforces Somersby’s carefree and refreshing personality while appropriating pop culture by featuring celebrities Lam Suet and To Siu Kiu singing and dancing to the re-arranged nursery rhyme ‘I’m a big apple (我是一個大蘋果)’. The task to educate was made fun and engaging with the light-hearted lyrics, catchy music and comedic dance moves of the hilarious celebrity duo.  The ultimate result is that Hong Kong young adults will then be able to associate Somersby with apples, a refreshing taste, and also being carefree and fun.


Kelvin Cheng, Marketing Director at Carlsberg said, “We loved DDB’s unconventional way of doing an education campaign.  The lyrics and imagery connect consumers’ enjoyment with the product, it’s benefits and the best occasions to drink it.  We look forward to seeing this entertaining campaign liked and shared by viewers on social media platforms.”


Jeff Tsang, Creative Director at DDB Group Hong Kong said, “Leveraging the product’s refreshing image, we wanted to highlight the association of the cider taste with the brand. We played on this original and fun song and dance to reinforce the consumers’ enjoyment – whilst also celebrating the apple flavour through lyrics.”


After the launch of the video, a UGC campaign will follow in May, allowing social media users to simply submit a photo or short video of themselves doing the dance. Each entry will then be in the running to win 365 bottles of Somersby – a bottle to enjoy every day of the year, or two Apple iPads.


This Somersby campaign will also be featured on online channels and at some karaoke joints.



Credit list

Director of Client Services: Benny Ko

Creative Director: Jeff Tsang, Gary Lee

Copywriter: Phoebe Chan

Art Director: Monique Tse

Business Director: Clara Ma

Associate Account Director: Stannie Li

Senior Account Executive: Kelsey Wong

Head of TV Production: Annie Tong

Producer: Chuen

Media Agency: IPGMediabrand

Guest Author DDB Blog