OPINION: Three skills to look for when hiring a planner

DDB Group Hong Kong’s Head of Innovation and Strategy Andreas Krasser has been selected to contribute to WARC’s new ‘Future of Strategy’ report, based on a global survey of senior agency planners. The report covers the current state of the strategic discipline, future opportunities and challenges, and guidance on building the planning team of the future.

Here’s what he had to say:

According to WARC’s Future of Strategy survey, when hiring for their teams, the standout candidates senior planners are looking for are curious and concise people from diverse backgrounds. For me, hiring really comes down to the candidate’s ability to be concise: or, put another way, their ability to simplify.

Great planners need to ask the right questions that help narrow ten objectives down to one. They transform gigabytes of data and dozens of Powerpoint decks into one relevant insight. And, they make sure that success gets measured, not against as many metrics as possible, but only against the most appropriate key metrics.

If you think about it, planners are a bit like conductors. They decipher and orchestrate meaning and actionable plans from a mix of tactile inputs, digital signals, and cultural trends. A great planner adapts to the mayhem of modern times by accessing information in real time, and continually – concisely – transforming this information into actionable insights.

Beyond this general ability to be concise, here are three core, practical skills that, in my point of view, the planner of the future should have.

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