McDonald’s hijacks HKTV drama Borderline in industry-first spot

To add some extra cheer and excitement to its festive Christmas campaign, McDonald’s has brought back its well-known nuggets sauce lover character – Dim Jack. Only this time he has unexpected twist to his personality: instead of stealing dip dip sauce from McDonald’s unsuspecting customers, Dim Jack actually celebrates sharing with the campaign message of “一齊dip 一齊share 開心好多!” (It’s more fun when you dip and share!).

A brand synonymous with special sharing moments, McDonald’s has created a Dip Dip Sharing Box, including McWings, McNuggets, Chicken McBites and dip dip sauces, allowing consumers to share happy moments through the joy of food.

Co-created by McDonald’s HK, DDB Group Hong Kong and OMD Hong Kong, a teaser TVC was launched prior to the campaign to reignite the memory of Dim Jack stealing people’s favourite dip dip sauces. The TVC showcased the character’s unexpected twist when he realizes that sharing actually makes him happy and makes nuggets taste even better. As a result, he goes out to meet people, make friends with them and shares his nuggets and sauce, instead of stealing from McDonald’s hungry customers.

McDonald’s further dramatized the campaign with an industry first activation idea ‘HIJACK’ which illustrates “It’s more fun when you dip and share!” Dim Jack appears in various situations in an unexpected way. By sharing the Sharing Box, he interacts and makes friends with the people, spreading happiness to everyone in Hong Kong.

The first wave of the campaign hijacked the hugely popular HKTV drama警界線 (Borderline). Right after a scene from the series, Dim Jack re-appears in the very same scene encountering one of the leading characters ‘Inspector Ying’ (played by Lawrence Chou). Dim Jack then shares his Sharing Box Inspector Ying and makes friends with him. The second video features another key scene in the last episode of Borderline, in which Dim Jack and ‘Joman’ (played by Joman Chiang) appear on screen together in an astonishing crossover scene.

This media-first idea, unlike normal product sponsorship in TV programmes, seamlessly syncs with the programme content, blending in the branded character so well that consumers are not even aware that this a commercial exposure.

“The hijack has video really caused a stir among consumers who are truly engaged by our message. Netizens have taken to social platforms commenting how much they love this smart way of advertising, with some even searching online for the specific episode of Borderline after watching the commercial,” said Yvonne Tang, Marketing Director of McDonald’s.

The excitement surrounding the campaign will continue as Dim Jack continues to hijack other forms of media, including radio, magazines and social networking sites. Dim Jack will also make star appearances in McDonald’s stores throughout Hong Kong bringing the joy of sharing to everyone during Christmas.

To watch the hijacked episode of Borderline’s Inspector Ying version, click here:

Client: McDonald’s Hong Kong
Creative Agency: DDB Group Hong Kong
ECD: Clifford Ng
Creative Team: Frankie Fung, Paul Yu, Ben Ling, Tony Cheung, Nelson Tsui
Account Servicing: Jan Lee, Tom Wong, Koey Kong, Connie Yeung
Planner: Andreas Krasser
Producer: Annie Tong, Denise Wong
Media Agency: OMD Hong Kong
Planning: Germaine Tse, Tiffany Cheng, Phoebe Ng, Yvonne Chiu
Buying: Derek Yip, Eppie Tsang, Pez Mo, Verna Kwan
Digital: Queenie Shek, Kenneth Li

Director: M.C. So
Sales Team: Augustin Cheng, Agnes Chen
Production Team: Lilian Fung
Marketing Team
Artists: Lawrence Chou, Joman Chiang
TVC Directors: Man Chung – Film Factory, Barry Mok – Bingo

Guest Author DDB Blog