DDB Worldwide expands first-of-its-kind centre of excellence for technology and innovation into Hong Kong


DDB Group Hong Kong, in collaboration with the School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), has launched a tech innovation hub, Equator, in Hong Kong. The initiative engages bright, savvy undergrads – Digital Natives – connecting them with DDB and Tribal’s leading technologists to develop creative solutions for clients.

DDB’s tech hub, Equator, first started in Singapore September 2016. Since then, it has become a global centre of excellence for tech innovation for clients such as Samsung, Shiseido and Japan Tourism. Equator provides end-to-end technology solutions including platform engineering, mobility solutions, omni-channel commerce, data-driven marketing and the Internet of Things (IOT).

With Equator, DDB hopes to groom the next generation of tech and creative practitioners in the city. Students from all streams of PolyU SPEED were encouraged to apply. Following an interactive selection process, successful candidates will now complete a designated number of work hours with DDB to earn hands-on experience on real client projects. Remuneration will be reinvested into a scholarship programme for each participant.

Dr Jack Lo, Director of PolyU SPEED commented that he agrees with DDB’s founder Bill Bernbach, who said that creativity is the most powerful force in business. He added, “Our students’ minds are young, fresh, unencumbered by biases and prejudices. If we can provide them with a congenial environment, we have high hopes that our students can come up with some new and possibly unconventional ideas”.

“Millenials are a force to be reckoned with and I am very excited to work closely with the next generations of creative minds. Equator brings together our Tribal technologists with digital natives or Gen Z to help clients develop innovative solutions – engaging both the next generation, and marketing for the new economy”, said Keith Ho, Chief Creative Officer, Managing Director of DDB Group Hong Kong.

“In delivering to the program’s promise, Tribal has arranged for Johnson & Johnson to be the lead client – allowing them access to new, raw, fresh talent that it wouldn’t ordinarily have access to,” added Leo Tsui, President of Tribal Hong Kong.

Chloe Kwok, Johnson & Johnson Head of Marketing, Hong Kong addressed the audience with their hopes for the program:

“Johnson & Johnson is committed to grooming the next generation of talent to better serve our consumers. The demands of our workforce to continuously adapt and grow means our young talent also needs to have both the educational skills and practical experience to tackle the challenges of new media and an increasingly competitive landscape”, said Ms Kwok.

DDB Group Hong Kong has increasingly won over global brands looking for a springboard into Asia, out of Hong Kong. The agency is also a leader in upstream strategy solutions driving collaboration with clients during the planning phase. It now hopes to inspire and tap into the next generation of creative technologists in the city, and beyond.

The Equator Internship program was initially launched at a DDB Open Day on 8 March, 2018. Fifty-six students from PolyU SPEED interviewed for the role and 24 students were named at the Signing Ceremony held at Hung Hom Bay campus on Tuesday 20th March 2018.

The Signing Ceremony was opened by Keith Ho, DDB Group Hong Kong Chief Creative Officer, Managing Director, and Jeff Cheong, President, Tribal Worldwide Asia, Mr Cheong spoke about the success of the Equator Internship Programs in the Asia-Pacific region and globally.

Keith Ho, Chief Creative Officer, Managing Director of DDB Group Hong Kong opening Equator Internship Signing Ceremony

Keith Ho, Chief Creative Officer, Managing Director of DDB Group Hong Kong and Dr Jack Lo, Director of PolyU SPEED signing

DDB Group Hong Kong, PolyU SPEED representatives, Johnson & Johnson representatives and successful Equator Internship Program interns.

PolyU SPEED students at the Equator Internship Program DDB Open Day on 8 March 2018.


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