DDB Group Hong Kong’s Andreas Krasser takes to the stage at #AWASIA in Tokyo

DDB Group Hong Kong’s Head of Innovation & Strategy, Andreas Krasser, joined a line-up of esteemed speakers at Advertising Week Asia in Tokyo this month, to discuss the agency’s pioneering ‘Crafted by my Heart’ project.

An iOS app that allows people to create customised jewellery based on their heartbeat, ‘Crafted by my Heart’ launched in October 2017, and marks DDB Group Hong Kong’s honest effort to put its money where its mouth is, and launch a startup.

Krasser’s talk, rather than highlighting new skills acquired, focused on the old, inhibiting habits the agency had to let go of in the process, while also providing practical tips and frameworks for agencies, as well as corporations, that are looking to foster a culture of innovation from the inside out.

Watch his entire presentation here http://asia.advertisingweek.com/replay/-ddb-seminar-2017-06-01-1640

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