A Princess’s Aesthetics

Tapping into the psychology of what has become known as The Princess Dilemma, the creative idea plays on the cultural tension between every girl’s longing to be cherished and the restrictions imposed on it by popular stereotypes.

Hagar International

Reality Check

Anti-slavery NGO’s campaign brings unsuspecting restaurant diners face-to-face with the price of slavery, and introduces them to those who have survived it.



In time for the Chinese New Year holidays, McDonald’s launched a new brand campaign aimed at deepening its connection with consumers in Hong Kong, featuring Cantopop legend Eason Chan singing Sir Elton John’s timeless classic, Your Song.


Can't Stop

Playing off the yellow crisscross box junction’s meaning of No Stopping to Hong Kong drivers, and visual similarity to French Fries, we couldn’t pass up the perfect billboard placement spot right above a box junction overlooking the highway on Hong Kong’s Gloucester Road.

This is an example of DDB Group Hong Kong creating work with a wild mind and disciplined eye to generate results that people talk about.

Des & Co

'Crafted By My Heart'

China, the world’s largest jewelry exporter, is home to more than 8,000 local manufacturers. Des & Co wanted to cut through the clutter, so we helped them to create an offering that would show the world a more personal side of jewelry manufacturing.

Kam Fan Awards 2016 Bronze ~ Cyber – Tangible Tech; Merit ~ Design – Promotional Items; Merit ~ Cyber – Technology; Merit ~ Cyber – Apps




'The Big Mac Karaoke Chant'

With the help of 90s Cantopop darling Ram Tseung, who also starred in one of McDonald’s classic TV ads, we remixed an old hit of his and turned it into a Hong Kong–style, retro Karaoke version of the Big Mac Chant. And of course, it came fully equipped with a throwback music video.

MARKies 2016 Gold ~ Best Idea – Video; Gold ~ Best Use of Video; Silver ~ Best Idea – Content

Kam Fan Awards 2015 Silver ~ Film – Social & Interactive Video, Social Video; Silver ~ Media Single – Best Use of Social Media




'Project Polo – Turning Probationary Drivers Into Professional Ones'

DDB Group Hong Kong and Volkswagen Hong Kong launched an activation, which gives probationary drivers both the opportunity to test drive the new Polo GP and feel less guilty if they don’t follow through and buy the car.

The WARC Prize for Asian Strategy 2015 Silver

AME 2015 Bronze ~ Effectiveness – Small Budget Marketing Campaign

EFFIES HK 2015 Gold ~ Automobile and Accessories / Petrol

MARKies 2015 Gold ~ Best Idea Experiential; Silver ~ Best Idea Social; Silver ~ Best Use of Limited Budget; Bronze ~ Best Idea Launch

Marketing Excellence Awards 2014 Bronze ~ Excellence in Experiential Marketing


'I'm Amazing'

McDonald’s in Hong Kong created the most amazing McDonald’s store in the world, designed by kids for kids and, in the process re-connected with families.

CANNES 2013 Silver ~ Media Lions, Product & Service, Retail & E-Commerce, incl. Restaurants

Spikes 2013 Bronze ~ Outdoor Ambient – Bars, Restaurants & Stores

ADFEST 2013 Silver ~ Design, Point of Sale; Bronze ~ Promo, Event & Field Marketing; Bronze ~ Promo, Best Use of Merchandising/In-Store Marketing incl. Promotional Packaging; Bronze ~ Direct, Field Marketing

AME 2013 Bronze ~ Travel, Entertainment, Leisure & Retail (including E-commerce & Restaurants)

EFFIE HK 2013 Grand Effie ~ Brand Experience; Bronze ~ Supermarkets / Restaurants / Fast Food / Shops & Stores

EFFIE China 2013 Gold ~ Media Innovation; Bronze ~ Restaurant

MARKies 2013 Best Idea – Web Design; Best Idea – Retail/Shopper

Apple Daily Advertising Award 2013 Best Print and Digital Campaign Award; Bronze ~ Corporate Image